Acrylic Resin Coated Fiberglass Sleeving Grade A & C

High temperature fiberglass
base material makes Acrylic Flex Glass
a great solution for demanding
lighting applications.

ACRYLIC FLEX GLASS sleeving is a heat-treated, tightly braided fiberglass sleeving coated with a dielectric acrylic resin. This durable sleeving will withstand mechanical stress and holds it’s dielectric strength on all bends.

Acrylic Flex Glass is used in applications such as relays, radio circuits, transformers, and lead/crossover protection on motors. Highly resistant to acids and solvents, and will withstand tough assembly handling.

Acrylic Flex Glass sleeving is recommended for thermal requirements from -94°F to 311°F ranges.

Acrylic Flex Glass is available in 4 Colours.