An Extra Expansion for an Easier Installation - 200% Greater
  • Expands up to 200%
  • Cut and Abrasion Resistant
  • Halogen Free
  • FMVSS 302 Approval

 FLEXO PET OverExpanded braided sleeving has many uses where inexpensive bundling is the principle consideration.

 Created to provide a fast easy bundling solution for automotive and marine wiring.

 FLEXO PET OverExpanded braided sleeving opens nearly 4 times its nominal diameter, easing installation over large plugs and connectors.

 The open construction allows the underlying harness or covering to show through for a unique and attractive assembly.

 The material cuts easily with a hot knife.

 FLEXO PET OverExpanded is Available in 8 Colours.

With a nearly 200% expansion ratio,
FLEXO PET OverExpanded slips
easily over
large plugs and

A unique visual effect can be
achieved by installing FLEXO
PET OverExpanded sleeving

over another sleeving type,
such as metallic Mylar.