A Flexible Control and Management with Easy On and Easy off Access

FLEXO WRAP (FW) is an exclusive product engineered and manufactured only by Techflex, that provides the perfect solution to many different applications. It is available in standard grade (FWPET) or flame retardant (FWFR).

Flexo–Wrap is braided from 0.25mm (.010") PET or FR monofilaments and is slit lengthwise and fitted with full–length nylon hook and loop fastening strips. Thus it may be opened out and "wrapped around" existing cable assemblies without having to disconnect the cable ends. This design gives easy access for cable breakouts and harness rework as the Flexo–Wrap may be easily re–opened anywhere along its length or removed entirely and re–fastened many times.

The Flexo Wrap is available in 4 Colours: - Black, Beige, Gray and White.

The material cuts easily with a hot knife.

FLEXO WRAP is designed for quick and easy management of wire, cable and hose assemblies. Just separate the hook and loop fasteners along the edge of the material.... and slip the entire length of FW around or under your harness or component assembly. The wide expandability range allows FW to easily fit around... odd-shaped connectors and gently constrict around the diameter of your wires. When the FW is in place, simply seal the hook and loop along the edges.