When used as a replacement for
rigid wire duct, Grip Wrap can
 be attached directly to surfaces
and still allow complete access.

A Variable Diameter Sleeving with Easy On and Easy Off Access

Grip Wrap Braided Sleeving is a unique lightweight, abrasion resistant sleeving with a unique hook sealing system that eliminates spot taping and doesn't require an open end for installation. The sleeving allows easy access for inspection, rework or replacement of components.

Grip Wrap Braided Sleeving offers cut-through and abrasion protection, and is easily installed on existing applications restricted by breakouts and large end fittings. It can be used to bundle wire harnesses, and can also be used as an economical alternative to molded channels.

The unique Grip Wrap Braided Sleeving system provides a variety of sealing and mounting options to accommodate any harnessing or cable management application.

Grip Wrap Braided Sleeving is only available in Black.

One Size - Multiple Possibilities

Double wrap over small diameter
bundles for additional protection from
 abrasion and cut-through
Allow edge overlap for securing
 medium size bundles while
 allowing access.
Maximum diameter for covering
inline connectors,  plugs and
 splices while providing full protection
Can be configured for use as an
alternative to bulky molded
channels while providing full
coverage and easy access.