Very Low Outgassing, Self-Extinguishing UL-2024 Plenum Rated Sleeving

Halar 1

HT is ideal for use in advanced
technological applications
where minimum flame spread
and extremely low outgassing
are mandatory.

Halar® self-extinguishing sleeving is used where flammability, high temperature endurance and low outgassing are primary concerns. Halar® is braided from 11 mil ethylene chlorotriflouroethylene (ECTFE) copolymer monofilament.

Because of its low flame spread and smoke generation properties, this product meets UL 2024 and NFPA 262 plenum specifications, carries a UL flame resistance rating of VW-1 and exceeds automotive industry requirements of FMVSS 302, as well as aviation industry requirements of FAR 25.

Halar® resists a wide range of corrosive chemicals and organic solvents, including strong acids, chlorine and aqueous caustics. Halar® ECTFE also maintains useful properties on exposure to cobalt 60 radiation at doses up to 200 megarads.

Solvay Logo Halar® is a registered trademark of the Solvay Solexis Corporation.