Soft, Pliable Flame Protection to 662°F
Nomex Woven Nomex® clothing and protective gear has been used for years by race car drivers, fire departments and oil rig personnel to provide that extra level of protection from the dangers that come with working in and around intense flame and heat. Our Nomex sleeving will do the same for your wires, hoses and cables.

NX will protect your application in temperatures up to 662°F. It is unaffected by short term exposure to most acids, bases, solvents and common engineering chemicals. Despite the soft touch and smooth appearance associated with woven aramid fibers, NX is incredibly strong, with a tensile strength of 90,000 psi.

The densely braided sleeving provides full coverage and protection on even the most exposed applications.

NX sleeving cuts easily with regular scissors and the smooth surface eases installation even over long wire runs.


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