Stronger than Steel, Soft & Pliable

Kevlar 1

Kevlar sleeving is strong, soft,
lightweight and pliable, and
is ideal for applications where
extreme durability is mandatory.

Kevlar® is a soft, flexible sleeving that’s perfect for bundling and protecting vulnerable components from the most extreme environmental conditions. KV is braided from aramid fibers and has all of Kevlar's well-known characteristics of durability, pliability and extraordinary tensile strength. Kevlar fibers are up to 20 times stronger than steel fibers of equal diameter.

KV has excellent thermal stability, permitting long-term, continuous use at temperatures as low as -274°F and as high as 320°F. Short term exposure up to 572°F can be tolerated. Kevlar does not melt or support combustion. KV sleeving provides extreme strength and durability, yet is lightweight and easy to install.

Kevlar sleeving is only available in Yellow.

Dupont LogoKevlar® is a registered trademark of the DuPont Corporation.