Lightweight, Economical Metallic Alternative
Mylar Sleeving

When your needs don’t call for the durability or toughness of our Chrome or Chrome XC sleeving, Mylar sleeving is an ideal, economical alternative. MY is perfect for cosmetic applications and a wide variety of installation methods create dramatic results.

Audiophile cable builders often use MY under other sleeving types to create a unique, custom visual effect. Applications that combine MY with a more robust sleeving will withstand abrasion and general use and still have the custom, “Wow!” effect cable fabricators are looking for.

Braided from thin metallic Mylar strips along with transparent PET monofilament, MY creates a sparkling, highly reflective effect. MY can be used instead of Mylar sheets to wrap and bundle cables.


Mylar 1 Mylar 2      
Spectacular highlights and
unique effects are achieved
when Mylar is combined
with other sleeving types.
Light weight and economy make
MY an ideal product for
designing and tying fishing
lures of all types and sizes.