Full Coverage, Soft, Supple, Strong and Attractive
Nylon Multifilament Under the hood or across the floor, Nylon Multifilament (NM) is the perfect sleeving product for protecting and improving the appearance of wires and cables. NM has been used in military wire harness applications for many years.

NM’s fabric-like softness and flexibility hide surprisingly tough specifications. The high coverage sleeving meets or exceeds military specifications A-A-59301. NM is highly resistant to abrasion, cuts, common automotive and marine chemicals, UV damage and vibration. It will not rot or retain moisture.

The wide operating temperature range allows NM to protect delicate wiring in engine compartments and near exhaust systems.

NM creates a unique and attractive retro look when installed on a/v cables.

Nylon Multifilament sleeving is available in Black.


Nylon Multi 1 Nylon Multi 2      
Nylon Multifilament sleeving
is often selected for use in
wiring harnesses and custom
cable snakes for its soft,
fabric like look and feel.
Mylon Multi's classic look and
toughness makes it perfect for
use on exposed lines and hoses
on motorcycles and cars.