Dura-Wrap Braided Sleeving is suitable for Harsh Environment Protection with Easy On and Easy Off, Hook & Loop Closure

DURA-WRAP Braided Sleeving is the answer to organising and controlling wires, cables and hoses that are subjected to constant and extreme use. The flexible sleeve is made from tightly woven ballistic Nylon® with an aggressive, industrial strength hook and loop closure strip.

Braided Sleeving is used on wires to keep them together, on hoses and cables to prevent abrasion damage or on chains to keep them from damaging expensive finished surfaces.

Braided Sleeving provides greater abrasion resistance and water repellant than any other Nylon® sleeves and is being tested for the U.S. Department of Labor's MSHA flame test approval.

DURA-WRAP Braided Sleeving is extremely flexible and easy to install over single or multiple hoses. In the event of a hose rupture, the high strength sleeving helps prevent high pressure fluid from becoming a danger to equipment operators and other personnel.

DURA-WRAP Braided Sleeving standard sizes range from 25mm to 152mm nominal inside diameter. DURA-WRAP Braided Sleeving is a non-expandable product, so its size should be chosen carefully to match your application diameter.

Easy, cut and wrap installation reduces downtime and eliminates the need to disassemble existing components to install.

DURA-WRAP Braided Sleeving is available only in Black.

The material cuts easily with a Scissor.

Dura-Wrap's tough construction
and easy installation makes it an
ideal solution for use on existing
applications in harsh environments.

Flexibility, easy wraparound installation and tough ballistic
Nylon construction make Dura-Wrap a perfect choice
for protecting hydraulic components from debris and
damage in harsh construction environments.
Dura-Wrap is useful for covering
chains or cables to protect
delicate painted or laminated
surfaces from abrasion damage.