50% Thicker Heavy Duty Protection for Marine, Industrial and Heavy Equipment

Flexo HEAVY WALL grade sleeving is commonly used in industrial and outdoor applications where extreme abrasion protection is critical. The durable nature of heavy wall makes it the best choice for hoses and cables that must withstand contact with rough and abrasive surfaces. Just a few examples of its use are for covering and protecting hydraulic hoses in mining and heavy machinery, trailer wiring harnesses, outboard motor cables and hoses, scuba diving hoses, tow chains, fuel hoses, electrical harnesses and wiring.

Flexo Heavy Wall is braided from durable, 0.4mm (0.015") polyester monofilament fibres and has a continuous operating temperature range of from -103° F. to 257° F. It is UV light resistant and does not trap moisture, thus preventing rot and fungus. It has a high tensile strength and resists degradation in gasoline and hydraulic fluids.

The material cuts easily with a hot knife.

Flexo Heavy Wall is Available in 3 Colours.

Heavy Wall is ideal for exposed
applications that are subject
to wear, abrasion and damage
from weather and UV .
Marinas and boat builders use
Heavy Wall to protect hoses
and control cables on exposed
marine installations.