Gorilla Sleeve is ideal for
exposed applications where
flexibility and protection
from harsh environments
are mandatory.

An Innovative Gorilla Braided Sleeving is formed from a Flat Filament for Fuller Coverage and High Abrasion Protection

Flat Filament Technology
Heavy Plastic Protection
Smooth Feel & Reduced Drag

The latest innovation in Techflex material design is the concept of using different shaped filaments to create strength, stiffness or a variety of other effects. Gorilla Braided Sleeving utilizes flat filaments to achieve a thick abrasion guard for use on hoses. This type of sleeve has been tested against competitors' abrasion guards that mix materials in an effort to gain slight abrasion advantages.

Gorilla Braided Sleeving achieves better results without sacrificing great looks or flexibility.

Gorilla Braided Sleeving is engineered from flat, 50 mil wide filaments of tough and strong 6-6 Nylon to achieve a thick abrasion guard for use on hoses and cables exposed to harsh conditions. The product provides fuller coverage for increased resistance to abrasion and penetration, and still expands for easy installation over long lengths.

The Gorilla Braided Sleeving construction allows moisture dissipate quickly to prevent rot and fungus.

Gorilla Braided Sleeving provides protection, easy installation and long-lasting good looks on any application.

Gorilla Braided Sleeving is available only in Black.

The material cuts easily with a hot knife.